"Jen is an awesome realtor she went out of her way to show us homes as far as distance as Mt. Clemens she is very nice,patient and helpful.unfortunately the homes that were in our budget were in dysmay so we decided to buy our home from an owner otherwise we would have gone trough with Jen. I would recommend for anyone who's looking for a house to see Jen. she is very helpful, dependable,nice and she will help you find your dream home. we are amazed at her professionalism there are few realtors like her that will go out of their way and treat you like family. :)"

- Devin Hillman

"I strongly recommend this realtor. My experience with Jen couldn't have been better. She was very professional and knowledgeable, and I wouldn't have ended up locking down the deal I did if she hadn't gone the extra mile for me. She was constantly in communication with me during that time, and kept me informed every step of the way. Deal with her with confidence."

- Jeff Johnson

"Jen was very helpful to my husband and I. We moved from Connecticut to Michigan and she found only houses we would like to see and in the area we wanted to be. She set up multiple houses for me to see on the weekends I could get to town and took several photos of houses I might like to see. She was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone."

- Zolton

"She went out of her way to help me. I moved here from CT. and Jen did a lot of work to find me the best houses to see when I flew out for the weekends."

- Rebbeca Poore

"Jen was great! It was a complicated sale and she ensured that everything went according to schedule."

- Artemas Herzog

"Jen helped me purchase my first home. She was very responsive and encouraging through all of the pains that came with the delays and other problems that purchasing the house came with."

- Jeremy Rowe